Amberlynn was NOT APPROVED for Weight Loss Surgery Weight Loss

Amberlynn was NOT APPROVED for Weight Loss Surgery #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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20 thoughts on “Amberlynn was NOT APPROVED for Weight Loss Surgery Weight Loss”

  1. She. Is. Such. A. Liar. Binge monster anyone? She thinks because she pretends she didn’t know what a binge was that she can rewrite history. Calling a Maccies meal a binge by mistake one time and she’s hanging onto that for dear life to try and prove she doesn’t binge. The thing is, Amber, you eat 3x what a normal human eats, just for any meal. Then you binge as well after them. That’s why you’re 600lb. I’ve seen her document a binge where she ate a whole bunch of chocolate bars and other things and she NEVER shows on camera how much she actually eats. You only need to look at foodie beauty who’s 150lbs less than Amber to see that because she shoves food in her mouth and never stops because she’s always live.
    Quit lying about everything in life Amber. I’m tired of the hostile attitude because we point out your own lies.

  2. She was delusional thinking she was going to get wls right away. My brother spent 2 years going through the steps before getting his surgery.

  3. What an INCREDIBLE shock!! No one saw this coming! She says she’s been in therapy since being diagnosed with bed, but my dear, you told us your therapist is not only not a bed specialist but is in fact a health at every size promoter.

  4. Everyone and their grandma knew from the start that she didn’t really want to get through with wls.
    All she did was act like she was being the best candidate ever, following every instruction (yea right), overly zealous as ever, but you could clearly see she already knew she wouldn’t be approved.
    She kept hinting it.. purposely or not.
    I have to say, she’s a terrible actress.

    The fact that the last word being her doctor’s is her excuse for not taking accountability.

  5. So ..does she have BED or not because I’m not buying this dietician bs. She hasn’t seen a dang person for this surgery. Another bs storyline to justify not doing anything for her own health.

  6. I love our gorl. Like was this fake to get through vloggmas… But she wanted to make it seem like it wasn’t so she kept it up. Who knows? This is great. Because she’s lied so much in the past. Hadurz will never believe her. 😂 She needs to take a year break from yt and get her life together. Come back as a fit gorl.

  7. All Lies! She never went to WLS appt’s. and has never seen a therapist. None of what she says makes sense, because it’s all manufactured orchestrated content! Liarlynn is my favorite, because she’s so obvious!

  8. How long before we a video with a title like ‘I lost control’ a thumbnail of Amber fake crying and something like

    I binged. All the stress from being rejected unfairly for a surgery i really wanted and it didn’t help my dietitian put me on this awful diet. It triggered me worse than anything in years…. So now I can’t get even be considered for the surgery. It’s just not fair.

  9. I don’t even think it’s bad news, though. It gives her time to get used to eating less, and proving that she can go a year without binging still isn’t enough to prove she’ll never binge for the rest of her life (which is what she would need to do after WLS). Why is a year so much worse than a few more months? She only decided she wanted the surgery like, last year. You know that instead of Amber grimly accepting she has to wait and keep working hard to prevent binges, she’ll see this as an excuse to “spiral” and quit her WLS program.

  10. Things she could do in the next nine months: inpatient, go back on ozempic, intensive outpatient etc. will she actually do anything, prob not.

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