Amber is Allergic to Weight Loss *live react* Weight Loss

Amber is Allergic to Weight Loss *live react* #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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17:39 Amber’s crappy grocery haul react 49:09 Ambers horrifying weigh in react

No Geese shirt!

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17:39 Amber’s crappy grocery haul react
49:09 Ambers horrifying weigh in react

20 thoughts on “Amber is Allergic to Weight Loss *live react* Weight Loss”

  1. Why is she buying granola? Because the wraps are only 19 calories! It’s not about nutrients it’s about manipulating the food volume

  2. If she thinks the wls clinic sees her videos, every single thing she says is performative. No more “restriction of any kind makes me binge, not eating everything I want will make me binge” narrative.
    *Did you notice how she edits out the parts where she goes through the doorway of her closet? The door doesn’t open all the way because of the toilet being right there. It must be super hard for her to scrape her sides getting in and out of that closet. But she wants us to believe she thought she was in the 400s? That’s a lah for the wls clinic.

  3. How does she know the scale is wrong? Does she weigh herself on another scale? What if the other scale is wrong? Does she wear different clothes/shoes from one scale to the next? Boots can add a few kilograms, for example.

  4. Missed the live today but catching up on my drive home from work. Every time Justine says “I can’t” an angel gets its wings 🎉

  5. You could save yourself a lot of stress if you accept that Amber will probably never change. Her mental problems seem to be really difficult to change. And I think she doesn’t see a problem.
    Plus you have to genuinely want to change for it to happen. I’m about done with Amber.

  6. What I don’t get is this dietician of hers. Ambers excited to drop the weight with her new dietician but the type of food she is buying isn’t going to give her the results she needs. She’ll lose what…like 1 or 2 lbs a week…if she’s lucky. This biatch needs to drop lbs stat. She will not lose enough for weight loss surgery. Why isn’t her dietician giving her a stricter diet? Skinless baked chicken and steamed veggies, this is what she should be eating! No snacks. It’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. A piece of dry toast and hardboiled eggs in the AM, and tuna in the afternoon. She eats like this and those lbs will be FLYING off her.

  7. Yes, this grocery haul highlights just how little she knows about nutrition….. definitely no dietitian would suggest rice cakes!!! Especially coated in sugar!! 😮❤😅

    Hence no wls program

    Omg!!! Ketchup???! Nooooo 😅

  8. Cottage cheese isn’t a snack. My husband and I eat it for lunch.
    It has calcium that I need. And an easy lunch that my husband will eat.

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