advice for weight loss Weight Loss

advice for weight loss #weightloss Weight Loss

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6 thoughts on “advice for weight loss Weight Loss”

  1. Bro forget the most important part is to regularly exercise. Doesn’t have to be a hard workout set or anything just start somewhere and build a daily schedule and slowly work ur way up.

  2. Controlling your environment is also incredibly important. It is far easier to eat unhealthy stuff if you’ve got unhealthy stuff around you.
    That’s why some people buy snacks, think it’s going to last them the entire weekend and end up with nothing left after a couple of hours.

  3. Yeah this is good for just weight loss and just weight loss. I would add and say calorie deficits help a lot, that and portion control go hand in hand. High processed foods are an easy way to ruin your weight. One food that i noticed was boba. Boba pearls are filled with carbs and your body takes a while to process them cause your GULK GULK GULKing them so fast. So don’t have excess carbs.

    The diet can vary on what you want for your goals. Example, If you want to become more lean, eat more protein and clean sugars in your diet. These can vary so always consult a dietitian.

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