5 Weight Loss Tips For Beginners Weight Loss

5 Weight Loss Tips For Beginners #weightloss Weight Loss

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5 weight loss tips for beginners

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8 thoughts on “5 Weight Loss Tips For Beginners Weight Loss”

  1. I’ve been having a good high protein bar for breakfast and lunch. 180 calories very low carbs, 20 g of protein. Then having a giant Greek salad with chicken. I hope that works? I’m trying to eat 1,800 calories or less per day. Part of the reason I gained my weight is because I don’t take the time to make good meals for breakfast and lunch. Basically I used to just finish work and go to the restaurant or bar and eat like a bear and wash it down with cocktails and beer. I’ve been losing weight doing this so far 👍

  2. You’re honestly one of the better fitness internet people I’ve seen on here. No bs, just facts. And you’re not being an obnoxious prick either 😅

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  4. Thank you as always man!!

    What do I get for the step tracking?
    Can it be an app on the phone or do I have to buy smart watch or is there something else?

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