40 goals for 2023 📖 *that DON’T involve weight loss* ✨☁️ Weight Loss

40 goals for 2023 📖 *that DON’T involve weight loss* ✨☁️ #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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i hope you found this vid helpful !!! although it may seem weird that i’ve posted this a week into the new year, i feel like often the start slips away and you feel like its too late to set goals - but it’s not. it’s never too late 🙂

(new years resolutions / January / February goals / 2023 motivation / ED recovery)

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📚 f a q
● how old are you?
20 years old 🙂
● where are you from?
hampshire, uk 📍
● what do you film with?
canon g7x mark ii and iPhone 13 pro
● what is your name / how do you say it?
my name is Roisin and it’s pronounced ro-sheen, but i shorten it to Ro

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20 thoughts on “40 goals for 2023 📖 *that DON’T involve weight loss* ✨☁️ Weight Loss”

  1. Hi Ro, I just wanted to say you’ve helped me massively without even knowing. Thank you so much. I’m more confident then I’ve ever been, and doing things I would not have done before!

  2. Hey Ro! I am still in recovery and feel the need to write down my thoughts etc. so I would really appreciate a video about journaling. I absolutely admire you and your videos. Thanks for being there for us! We love you Ro, have a wonderful year!

  3. The interactive bit was really helpful. It felt scary to commit to the goals but that means it’s important. I chose to stop calorie counting and to get together with my family more.

  4. Hi Ro! thank you so much for making videos about recovery, you don’t know how much you have helped me in my recovery, I’m kinda worried bc in a few days I’m gonna travel with my family to see my grandma and aunts, but we’re gonna be eating so much things that are not available where we live, I really like those foods but I don’t know how to deal with the guilt, do you have any tips? love you xx ❤

  5. Hi, Ro! Thank you very much for what you are doing. When I watch your videos, I feel safe and calm. It was like I was wrapped in a blanket. You also have a very nice voice) I’ve been watching you since the beginning, and I’ve been recovering at the same time, and your videos have helped me a lot.
    P.s sorry for a mistakes, I use a translator.

  6. Thank you for the video, Ro. I’m inspired to set some goals of my own and try my best. You’re such a sweet and lovely person, you’ve grown so much and I love to see it. Have a nice day.

  7. Yay, nice to see a new video! 🙂
    You’re one of my favourite YouTubers – you’re so much of a realist and it’s refreshing.
    Taking things down to their tiniest components re: goals has really helped me get stuff done. I rarely read more than 10 pages a day, but I love the reading that I do, so when I’m struggling to find motivation I say: ‘just one sentence’ and usually I end up reading at least two pages! 🙂

  8. Yay! Ro, I’m so happy you’re back❤️ Today’s my 17th birthday and I am so happy that I could watch your new video today it’s making my birthday even more special🥰 thank you so much.

  9. my only goals regarding my looks this year are connected to getting more tattoos and I think that’s a huge progress for me! cheers for new beginnings 🤍

  10. You’re a legend Roe! Thank you for always motivating loads of us and when I felt like giving up you sparked an inspiraton in me to keep going!! have a great one, Loads of love❤❤❤

  11. thank u so much for this ro!!! its so helpful to get lots of ideas that i can achieve and focus on within the next year. my first goals r to do stuff that i havent managed to do yet as ive been too poorly which motivates me to keep recovering cos this year i really want to get my first tattoo, learn to drive, get more piercings and go on holiday for my next birthday which are all really scary to me as i have anxiety as well as anorexia. but these are things i really want to do and these r encouraging me to keep going and not go backwards

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