3 HOUR repeated loop – SLEEP HYPNOSIS for Weight Loss & Exercise (lose weight while sleeping) Weight Loss

3 HOUR repeated loop – SLEEP HYPNOSIS for Weight Loss & Exercise (lose weight while sleeping) #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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Welcome to this 3 Hour Sleep Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Exercise. This sleep hypnosis is perfect if you are looking to smash those new years resolutions in 2023 for your health and fitness. This recording uses positive affirmations to energize your subconscious to take charge and progress towards achieving your weight loss and exercise goals. This hypnosis is all about relaxing and focusing on your health and well-being, nutritious eating habits, getting a little bit trimmer and feeling really motivated to exercise in the new year. I do hope you enjoy it. It’s not a diet, not anything faddy, it’s just the good principles of self-care which I have used myself when I want to focus on these areas. The recording is set in the city of Oxford, UK where I visited recently and used some inspiration in this recording.

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2:04 3 Hour repeated loop – Sleep Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Exercise Motivation

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The Hypnosis Meditation is backed by relaxing meditation music and around 20 minutes into the track the screen will fade to black so you can drift off into a peaceful slumber and fall asleep fast! As always this recording is spoken by my British female voice of Tansy Forrest.

Remember to keep practising hypnosis or guided meditation daily to ensure that positive messages and behaviours can stick with you into the future.

My hypnosis & guided meditation channel is aimed at creating the best recordings and inspired by many other popular hypnotherapists like Michael Sealey and Paul McKenna. I hope you enjoy this Guided Sleep Hypnosis Meditation recording by my British female voice.

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