10 Minute Full Body Workout | Fat Burning | Weight Loss | Qualified Trainer Workout Weight Loss

10 Minute Full Body Workout | Fat Burning | Weight Loss | Qualified Trainer Workout #weightloss Weight Loss

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In this quick 10 minute workout, you’ll get a full body workout that will help you lose weight and improve your health. As a qualified trainer, I have created this workout so we use full body moves which help to increase your calorie burn, this is a safe way to help with a weight loss journey and do this alongside eating a healthy diet. Within this quick home workout, I am showing 2 options for each move so you can either do High Impact or Low Impact, which makes this workout suitable for every level from beginners to intermediate.

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00:01 Full Body Calorie Burning Workout Introduction

00:25 Warm–Up

01:32 Exercise 1 High Impact Run Touch Downs – Low Impact Knee Drives and Bends
02:14 Exercise 2 Slow Steady State Cardio
02:34 Exercise 3 High Impact Charleston Kicks Left Leg – Low Impact Charleston Kicks Left Leg
03:15 Exercise 4 Slow Steady State Cardio
03:33 Exercise 5 High Impact Charleston Kicks Right Leg – Low Impact Charleston Kicks Right Leg
04:15 Exercise 6 Slow Steady State Cardio
04:35 Exercise 7 High Impact Pendulum Swings – Low Impact Leg Lifts
05:14 Exercise 8 Slow Steady State Cardio
05:35 Exercise 9 High Impact Spotty Dog Hops – Low Impact Spotty Dogs
06:14 Exercise 10 Slow Steady State Cardio
06:33 Exercise 11 High-Intensity Squat to Kick – Low-Intensity Knee Lift to Bend
07:14 Exercise 12 Slow Steady State Cardio
07:38 Exercise 13 High Impact Star Jumps – Low Impact Stars
08:15 Exercise 14 Slow Steady State Cardio
08:51 Cool Down Stretches
10:29 Star Appearance from Princess Sultana and Princess Raisin
10:43 High 5 – YOU DID IT

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  1. Have to admit feeling tired today so did half and half on the intensity but later I’ll do all high as its a great workout 😊

  2. Good morning Lucy I really enjoyed this work out, couldn’t believe 10mins had just flown past! Now I’ve got another go to 10mins HIIT. A massive thank you ❤

  3. Yay morning Lucy xx thanks I love this it flies couldn’t believe that was 10 mins xx have a fabulous week xx best Silvie x

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