10-Day Low Impact Weight Loss Challenge: Maximum Results Weight Loss

10-Day Low Impact Weight Loss Challenge: Maximum Results #weightloss Weight Loss

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Our weekend workout is a low impact, fat burning workout that is this easy 30-minute exercise that will guide you and give you the best and most effective exercises to burn calories and fats.

This easy beginners workout will burn as much fat as you need to lose so I’m sure you’re going to have fun doing this exercise!

Good luck everyone and make sure to remove grains and sugars from your diet for the best results. Let’s begin!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:17 High Knee Chops Right
00:49 Rest
01:08 Overhead Reach
01:38 Rest
01:56 Curtsy Lunge
02:41 Rest
02:59 Reverse Lunges
03:42 Rest
04:00 Side Leg Raise Right
04:49 Rest
05:07 Side Leg Raise Left
05:55 Rest
06:13 Side Lunge Windmill
06:45 Rest
07:03 Standing Side Crunch Right
07:45 Rest
08:03 Standing Side Crunch Left
08:44 Rest
09:10 Tricep Dip Kicks
09:53 Rest
10:12 Toe Tap Leg Lifts
10:35 Rest
10:53 Side Push Left
11:36 Rest
11:54 Side Push Right
12:37 Rest
12:55 Donkey Kicks Right
13:42 Rest
14:00 Donkey Kicks Left
14:48 Rest
15:06 Fire Hydrant Right
15:54 Rest
16:12 Fire Hydrant Left
16:59 Rest
17:17 Bridge
18:32 Rest
18:50 Bird Dog
20:03 Rest
20:21 Bicycle Crunches
20:48 Rest
21:06 Baby Pose
22:21 Rest
22:39 Woodchoppers Left
23:21 Rest
23:39 Woodchoppers Right
24:21 Rest
24:39 U Boat Crunch
25:14 Rest
25:32 Side Tap Crunch
26:25 Rest
26:43 Reach Through
27:31 Rest
27:49 Baby Pose

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  1. Can I ask you please to let us know when we change the leg or side.. like.. now another leg or other side..
    Thank you!
    Kind regards.

  2. Starting from today! I’m so happy I will lose my weight in 10 days because my college will open by that time 😃✨

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