🔥Maximize Fat Loss🔥Powerful Weight Loss Subliminal🔥 Weight Loss

🔥Maximize Fat Loss🔥Powerful Weight Loss Subliminal🔥 #weightloss Weight Loss

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🔥Maximize Fat Loss🔥Powerful Weight Loss Subliminal🔥 Ultimate Weight Loss Meditation with 295.8 Hz Fat Burning Frequency | Binaural Beats to Lose Weight | Weight Loss Hypnosis | Fat Burning Frequency | Reprogram your Mind for Weight Loss | Involuntary Weight Loss

This Isochronic Beat has a Carrier Frequency of 295.8 Hz with 4 Hz Delta Isochronic wave which helps you lose weight intensely. This Binaural Beats Hypnosis is designed to synchronize with your Brain and Train it to Resonate with the Vibrations that will Assist you to boost metabolism and Reprogram your mind for permanent weight loss.

For best results, listen to or meditate with this music every day when you’re at home on a regular schedule. You can also listen to this sound therapy while sleeping. It is also recommended that you do some kind of Fasting or Basic Workout and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle along with listening to the therapy.

Binaural Beat: 4 Hz (Delta)
Carrier Frequency: 295.8 Hz

▶ Some of the Advantages of Losing Weight are:
– Lower blood pressure
– Lower levels of triglycerides
– Less risk of heart disease
– Improved mobility and reduced pain
– Improved mood
– Better sleep
– Higher self-esteem
– Boost Metabolism
– Increase Testosterone Levels

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Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns. We do not recommend that you use this sound therapy as a substitute for medical care.

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