✨5 things that will help you on your weight loss journey ✨ Weight Loss

✨5 things that will help you on your weight loss journey ✨ #weightloss Weight Loss

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✨5 things that will help you on your weight loss journey ✨

1️⃣Tracking what you eat!🍟

When it comes down to weight loss- its always calories in and calories out! There is not a magic workout that will be for “fat loss”! ( eat less than what you need )
If you know how much you eat, how much you need to eat to start losing weight-its when you will see results.

2️⃣Move more🚶🏼‍♀️

Loads of people think they need to spend hours at the gym to see results! While resistance training is very important to help you shape and “tone” your body- dont underestimate the power of movement- swimming , walking

3️⃣Drink more water🚰

If you could swap all your sugary juices ( squash, coke, fancy all sugary coffess etc) to just simple water ( or at least no calorie drinks) you could cut out a lot of unnecessary calories

4️⃣Snack less, eat more🍔

During the christmas time it was very easy to get carried away with eating loads and loads of snacks! Every time you past the living room or the kitchen, you picked up a Christmas sweet !Easily having about 400-500 cals extra just From that, not even talking about that bag of Doritos that you count put down while watching Home Alone.
Make sure during January tou focus more on eating whole foods 80% of the time and only 20% snacks please

5️⃣Good quality 8 h sleep 💤🛌🏻

Good quality sleep will lead to more energy 💥 Lack of sleep will increase hunger levels, and hand in hand with feeling more tired it will be easier to pick up “ready” meals than making your own !


Unsure about where to start and how to be accountable to yourself?
Everyone seems to be making progress soo much easier?

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